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Dan Hitchens on why the Sovereign Order of Malta won’t co-operate with a Vatican inquiry

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Our abortion policy is stuck in the dark ages of psychiatry, says Calum Miller

The truth about love has rarely been so obscured by darkness, warns Simcha Fisher

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Achieving a fair Brexit will require courage and humility says Gisela Stuart

Jerusalem’s tunnel network is at the centre of a new legal row, Jill, Duchess of Hamilton reports

The Holy Mother is the star of the new evangelisation, writes Jacob Phillips

Liberalism is in decay, but Fr Raymond de Souza thinks there could be a Catholic remedy

A final answer to the problem of loneliness? If only, laments Mary Kenny

How can Catholics avoid being duped by ‘fake news?’ asks Madeleine Teahan

Tim Stanley says the Church portrayed in Silence seems more alive than our own

Paul Senz on the inspiring legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Pastor Iuventus says ‘Experts’ don’t own the truth about God

Will Heaven has seen Theresa May’s Machiavellian instincts. Can she use them for good?

It’s not for us to decide whether someone is in hell, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser

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