PODCAST: The Pope reaches out to America

'Moderate' Bishop Kevin J. Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas. (CNS photo/Rebecca Kirstin Patton, The Texas Catholic)

The news emerged last week that the Pope has named Bishop Kevin J Farrell of Dallas to head the Vatican’s new office for laity, family and life.

I spoke to Fr Mark Drew to find out just what this appointment means…

00:36 Who is Bishop Kevin Farrell?

03:40 What is the significance of this new Vatican body?

05:09 What do we know about Bishop Farrell’s views on Communion for the divorced and remarried?

06:45 “The defining moral issue of our time”

08:25 How much progress has Pope Francis made in reforming the Curia?

10:00 The ‘smell of the sheep’ in the Curia