Marching for life with joy, enthusiasm and faith in our hearts

The March for Life took place in Birmingham on Saturday (Twitter/@March4LifeUK)

Although the beautiful sunshine mirrored the joy and enthusiasm of the thousands descending upon Birmingham’s Victoria Square, the cold wind recalled the serious reason for our gathering: abortion.

“Bigger and better” than last year the event overwhelmingly was—with the sole and unlamented exception of the pro-Abortion protestors. Although a mother near me had to cover her young daughter’s ears at one point during the actual march, compared to their obnoxious antics last year, all was peace and tranquillity.

Beforehand, there were stalls to browse, crepes and ice creams to tuck into, and a band who with, one suspects, Spirit-given stamina, played non-stop to keep the air filled with worship rather than screams of “Keep your rosaries off our ovaries” (I did say comparatively tranquil!).

“If your parents had been selfish,” Nigerian Bishop Emmanuel Badejo told us, “you wouldn’t be here, so get generous! In Africa we have a saying: there is always room for one more child.”

“My birth mum is my first hero,” said speaker Ryan Bomberger. “She gave me life after she was raped, and my adopted family proved beyond all doubt that unintended does not equal unwanted, does not equal unloved.”

Abandoning her notes after being deeply moved by the Spirit during her visit to the awesome ‘Mercy Bus’ for confession, Stephanie Gray challenged us, “Can we love the abortionist who decapitates babies? Because Jesus loves that man.”

Yet the least experienced speaker, Sophie, touched the crowd most. On her way home after booking an abortion last year, she came upon the March for Life—as a result of which, she stood there on stage with baby Riley in her arms. But ambitious in faith, we pray that the fruit from this year will be, like the event itself, bigger and better even than that!