PODCAST: What is behind the unstoppable rise of the Oratorians?

40 Hours of Adoration at the Brompton Oratory

This week I spoke to Dr Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society about the significant rise in Oratorian congregations, following the announcement of a new Oratory in Formation at Sacred Heart Church in Bournemouth this week, making it the sixth potential Oratory in England and Wales.

Elsewhere, the Oratory as an Institute is on the rise across the world from Australia to South Africa, from France to Wales, and from Kingston, Jamaica, to the United States.

Why is this happening when other religious orders are shrinking? I decided to telephone Joseph and find out what he thought.


0:54 How do Oratorians differ from other religious orders and congregations?

2:29 What are the key factors contributing to the Oratory’s popularity?

4:40 Why do parish priests want to become Oratorians?

7:55 If you’re in trouble where’s the first place you will you find an Oratorian?

10:00 How significant was the beatification of Cardinal John Newman?

10:49 Are the Oratorians more appealing in a secular climate?