Podcast: Is the UK Government about to introduce a major threat to the existence of Down’s babies?

Protestors stand outside Parliament to petition Jeremy Hunt (Don't Screen Us Out)

Dennis Sewell writes this week that a new, non-invasive pre-natal testing technique has been developed to detect whether unborn babies have Down’s Syndrome.

He reports that “the Government is considering incorporating it into its routine screening regime during pregnancy, making this a matter of some urgency. In recent weeks campaigners have been lobbying Westminster with the aim of persuading the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, not to proceed.”

The technique has been hailed for reducing the risk of miscarriage but campaigners worry it will simply lead to more abortions.

I telephoned Right To Life campaigner, Peter D Williams, to find out more about the implications of the Government’s decision.

1:00: What is the current screening programme used in the UK and how does it differ to what is being considered now?

3:01: What is cfDNA and why should we be worried about it?

5:25: How likely is it that this proposal will be put into place?

6:08: Are we about to see eugenics unleashed on our society?

6:56: The case of Catherine MacMillan

8:22: What do campaigners want?

9:33: Do doctors always assume that women with Down’s babies will want an abortion?

12:29: Why are Governments so keen to embrace this technology?

14:48: What can you do to help?

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