What’s inside this week’s Catholic Herald?

What's inside this week's Catholic Herald?

Cover Story…

Paul Collier on how we can end Europe’s migrant crisis

More Comment…

Ed West announces the birth of a new religion in Silicon Valley

Michael Alexander on what we actually know about Shakespeare’s faith

Michael Duggan on the knights who took on pirates, sultans and Hitler

Bishop David McGough says that the Book of Revelation brings Christ’s Gospel to a “triumphant conclusion”

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Is it time for the Church to jettison just war theory? asks Dan Hitchens

Why do bishops make such a fuss about the Traditional Mass, asks Joseph Shaw

St Louis de Montfort’s devotion is not for wimps, says Marc Barnes

Peter Sheppard on why Catholics should know a Burgundy from a Bordeaux

Quentin de la Bédoyère reveals the one question you should always ask an ‘expert’

Mary Kenny applauds the television presenter tackling taboos about fertility

The BBC’s quest for aliens is ridiculous, says Tim Stanley

Charlie Hegarty on the archbishop who designed his sister’s wedding dress

Pastor Iuventus on the moment he left the 21st century

I saw the other side of Graham Greene, says Piers Paul Read

Fr Ronald Rolheiser on dinner parties where you might be the next item on the menu

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