What’s inside the Christmas Catholic Herald?

Take a look inside this week's Catholic Herald

This week’s Catholic Herald is a double issue to mark the Christmas season and features the following articles.


Gerard Russell asks how peace might return to the Arab world

Molly Gurdon on this year’s most shocking Christmas advert

Melanie McDonagh says we should keep on partying until at least Epiphany

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Jenny McCartney on the dark side of women’s magazines

Melissa Kite goes on a date with an angry ex-Catholic

A reflection by Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Julie Andrews explains how she has overcome adversity

Princess Michael of Kent visits the tomb of King Henry V

Benedict Rogers describes his journey to Rome via Burma

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Tim Stanley on the church inspired by Luke Skywalker

Jill, Duchess of Hamilton on the Christian nation that didn’t stop for Christmas

Peter Sheppard says you can’t beat a Christmas in the country

Reflection by Bishop Mark Davies

PJ Kavanagh hated his old school, recalls Richard Ingrams

Reflection by Archbishop Bernard Longley

Fr Frankie Mulgrew gets ready to board the Year of Mercy bus

Taki argues Western leaders are being too weak against ISIS

Stuart Reid sings carols with Boris

Fr Raymond de Souza explains why this jubilee year is different

Fr Matthew Pittam admits that he loves glitter and dancing Santas

True or false? Quentin de la Bédoyère sets the questions

Dennis Sewell on the father now living as a six-year-old girl

Fr Ronald Rolheiser regrets the divorce between sex and love