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The man who hit new heights in creativity and took on the secularist snobs in 2015

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Mgr Augustine Hoey tells Catherine Utley that he’s astonished to be turning 100

Mgr Mark Langham applauds an updated biography of a super-smart pope

Bishop David McGough implores us to pray for the Holy Land during Christmas

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Is Pope Francis about to push for married priests?

Nicholas Fogg on the Catholic Herald writer who went to school with the Kray brothers

Strictly Come Dancing is cruel, over-the-top and wonderfully life-enhancing, says Jane Taylor

Stephen Bullivant on the greatest one-line response to anti-Catholicism ever made

Mary Kenny meets the Muslim refugees being sheltered by Baptists

Stuart Reid asks if it’s sinful to have two pieces of chocolate

Domingo Cullen on the prize-winning new portraits that are full of mystery

Fr John Zuhlsdorf on what happened to St Thomas’s finger

Ed West on the year the Western world lost its reason

Fr Ronald Rolheiser says it’s not always helpful to tell the truth