What’s inside this week’s magazine?

What's inside this week's magazine?

In our cover story Dr John Morrissey the night his life turned into a scene from The Exorcist

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Catholics needn’t fear Labour’s new leaders, says Jon Anderson

The Catholic Left is flying high, says Raymond de Souza

Bishop David McGough on the sacred importance of caring for creation

Jill, Duchess of Hamilton meets Nobel prize-winner Orhan Pamuk

Jack Carrigan on a new book that reveals the unstuffy genius of the Pope

Tim Stanley is not sorry to say goodbye to Downton Abbey

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Quentin de la Bédoyère hails the management guru whose theories anticipated Vatican II

T A Pascoe argues that it’s not un-Christian to oppose mass migration

Why is no one brave enough to say Victoria Gillick was right, asks Mary Kenny

Miguel Cullen marvels at the finest altarpiece in London

Stuart Reid on why the Pope’s trip to America made him cry

Fr Ronald Rolheiser meets a scientist who believes there’s human life on other planets