What’s inside this week’s Catholic Herald?

What's Inside this week's Catholic Herald?

This week Damian Thompson reveals why the bishops have failed to tame the Catholic blogosphere

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Quentin de la Bedoyere on the plot to eradicate faith schools

Fr Christopher Jamison on what no one’s noticed about this October’s synod

Tim Stanley reviews Channel 4’s Child Genius

Jack Carrigan reviews ‘Stalin’s Daughter’ by Rosemary Sullivan

Bishop David McGough writes on why we grumble

Pastor Iuventus says that watching an ordination is like being at a beautiful wedding

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Harry Mount visits a Norman church with film-star looks

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Tim Montgomerie on Britain’s surprising new ambassador for Christianity

Fr Paul A McGavin proposes a new way to select bishops

Why are we crowing over Lord Sewel’s sins, asks Mary Kenny

Mgr John Armitage says something big is about to happen in Walsingham

The return of the ‘conviction politician’ isn’t a good thing, says Dennis Sewell

Fr Ronald Rolheiser on when silence can speak volumes

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