Let’s pray that the new princess will be named after a saint

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduce the newborn Princess to the world (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

Since the joyous arrival of the new princess some of my friends have been extremely busy praying that the little girl is given a saint’s name or even given Our Lady’s name.

It may seem narcissistic of me to call for the new princess to be called Mary. That said, Mary still holds its own in England, coming in as the 151st most popular girls’ name. It is much less popular in modern Ireland, which is very telling. Were the little princess called Mary, it would mean a very welcome resurgence in the name.

Will and Kate have an awesome responsibility. Their example will be emulated by many, and for this reason, as Catholics, we must pray that they call their little princess a saint’s name. If they do, the time-honoured practice of calling a child after a saint will be revived in our lifetime.

While no disrespect is intended towards the princess’s grandmother, it really would not be fair or prudent if the new princess were given the Christian name Diana. She would always live in her grandmother’s shadow, set up for a life of comparisons with her grandmother. Diana, of course, is not a saint’s name: Diana was the goddess of hunting.

As Catholics, we believe that calling a child after a saint means that the saint will be looking after them. With the limelight constantly shining on the new princess, she needs all the heavenly protection that she can get.

Her name should be that of a crowned saint in heaven, who will implore God on her behalf for blessings she needs to carry out her royal duties.