FAQs: our new magazine and redesigned website

This week's Catholic Herald newspaper rolls off the presses

Why is the Catholic Herald becoming a magazine?

We want to create the best weekly Catholic publication we possibly can. Pope Francis’s election confirmed for us that the weekly newspaper was no longer a vehicle for breaking news. Moving to magazine format offers several great advantages: we can present our features more vividly and end our dependency on fast-moving news. Magazine print is also clearer and the pictures sharper. We think there is a gap in the market for a broadly conservative and intellectually stimulating magazine.

When is the Catholic Herald becoming a magazine?

Our first issue is on December 5.

How much will the magazine cost?

The magazine will cost £2 (€2.50 in Ireland), but will be available at a special introductory price of £1.50 (€1.80 in Ireland). The introductory offer will run at least until Lent 2015.

How much will the magazine subscriptions cost?

We are offering 12 issues for £12. Those who take up this offer qualify for an annual subscription at our special loyalty rate of £72.

Why will the magazine be more expensive than the Catholic Herald newspaper?

The magazine will cost more to produce than the paper.

Why have we revamped the Catholic Herald website?

We want our site to present readers with breaking news and comment with as few distractions as possible. So we asked our designers, interconnect/it, to simplify the site.

What are the most important features of the redesigned site?

The website has two main streams: news and comment. The site features “responsive design”, which means that when you view a page on your smartphone or tablet it automatically resizes to fit your screen. It also contains a paywall for magazine content.

How will the paywall affect me?

Once the Catholic Herald switches to a magazine format we will post a selection of articles from each issue every week. The new site contains a paywall for this content, but we will set it as generously as possible so that everyone can enjoy what we have to offer well into the New Year. In 2015 we will start posting the vast majority of the magazine articles online, with full access available to those who take up our fantastic subscription offer. Online news and comment will remain freely available to everyone.

Let us know if there are other items you think we should include in these FAQs.