Morning Catholic must-reads: 06/11/14

Activists in Islamabad hold a banner deploring the couple's murder (AP)

Catholic leaders in Pakistan have deplored the murder of a Christian man and his pregnant wife after a “false accusation of blasphemy”.

Francis has insisted “there was no foul play” at the family synod, according to papal confidant Fr Antonio Spadaro SJ.

Tourists are to be banned from posing for photographs in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa.

The Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia has celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Joshua McElwee, Edward Peters and John Thavis ponder the Pope’s new “rescript” on bishops’ resignations.

William Bole pays tribute to the Jesuits massacred at the University of Central America 25 years ago this month.

And Jennifer Fulwiler explains why Tupac Shakur reminds her of GK Chesterton.

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