Today’s Catholic must-reads: 01/10/14

Pope Francis greets prelates after the general audience (AP)

In “the Christian community everyone needs the other“, Francis said at his general audience today (short video, full video).

The Pope has summoned Vatican ambassadors to a three-day meeting to discuss the plight of Middle Eastern Christians.

We should not adapt the Gospel to the demands of “fragile, superficial, immature and postmodern man“, Cardinal Gerhard Müller has said.

The Vatican has conducted an apostolic visitation of an American diocese embroiled in controversy over its bishops’ handling of abuse (John Allen).

George Weigel urges family synod participants to “think positive“.

Sociologist Peter Berger looks at the “new monasticism” of Chemin Neuf and the Bose Community.

And Brother Edmund McCullough OP praises the “manly virtues” of St Thérèse of Lisieux.

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