Morning Catholic must-reads: 30/09/14

Cardinal Kasper speaks to a journalist at his home in Rome (AP)

Cardinal Walter Kasper has accused his opponents at next month’s family synod of behaving like politicians.

Evangelical pastor Rick Warren is among 48 signatories of an open letter urging the Church to uphold marriage at the synod (full text).

The Devil is seeking to destroy humanity, Pope Francis said in his morning homily yesterday (video).

The Vatican has promised to give €100,000 (£78,000, $125,000) to a foundation overseeing the upkeep of Auschwitz.

Shawn Crispin hails the Catholic journalists exposing government persecution of the Church in Vietnam.

William Neuman reports on the Cause of Venezuelan “doctor of the poor” José Gregorio Hernández.

And Katharine Harmon reflects on “the legitimate liturgical function of clowns“.

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