Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/09/14

Cardinal Walter Kasper (CNS)

Ignatius Press founder Fr Joseph Fessio SJ has clashed with Cardinal Walter Kasper over the publication of a new book on Communion for the remarried.

It’s “grossly misleading” to say next month’s family synod is about Communion for the remarried, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco has said.

Satanists unwittingly “acknowledge the Real Presence”, Archbishop Paul Coakley has said at a Holy Hour in reparation for a Black Mass at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City.

Rocco Palmo explains how Bishop Blase Cupich was chosen as the new Archbishop of Chicago.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols says that membership of the ordinariate is not about “preserving a tradition or pattern that is familiar and comforting”.

Sister Mary Ann Walsh argues that it’s time for the Vatican to end its dispute with American women religious.

And Pope Francis joked that he “would have been scared” of Mother Teresa during his visit to Albania on Sunday.

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