Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/09/14

The Pope's visit to Albania in 2014 (AP)

To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege,” Francis has said during his day-long visit to Albania (short videos, full videos, full texts).

The Holy Father wept as he heard an elderly priest and nun describe their suffering under Albania’s atheistic regime (video).

The Pope created a special commission on streamlining marriage annulments at the start of August, the Vatican announced on Saturday (Rorate Caeli).

John Allen, Charles Camosy, David Cloutier, Rocco Palmo, Anthony Ruff and Michael Sean Winters reflect on the new Archbishop of Chicago.

Fr Ray Blake says children are missing from the debate about next month’s family synod.

John Haldane argues that religion can help to heal Scotland’s post-referendum divisions.

And Cardinal Seán O’Malley hails a “wonderful portrait” of himself.

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