Morning Catholic must-reads: 19/09/14

Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher outside St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, in 2008 (CNS)

The new Archbishop of Sydney has said he hopes the Australian Church will emerge from the abuse crisis “purified, humbler, more compassionate and spiritually regenerated” (Rocco Palmo).

Pope Francis told Jewish leaders yesterday that “first it was your turn and now it is our turn” to suffer in the Middle East.

Jason Horowitz reports the US vice-president Joe Biden told Benedict XVI: “You are being entirely too hard on the American nuns.”

Damian Thompson urges the Pope to act as one of his most loyal servants is “being crucified by rumour“.

Matthew Bunson, Josephine McKenna and Francis X Rocca preview next month’s family synod.

Fr Ray Blake says Pope Francis risks turning the Church into a doughnut.

And a skull cap donated to charity by Pope Francis has attracted a bid of €105,000 (£82,000, $135,000) on eBay.

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