Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/08/14

Pope Francis delivers the Angelus address yesterday (AP)

Jesus sees the faithful as “the living stones with which he can build his community“, Pope Francis said in his Angelus address on Sunday (full text, full video).

The state of California is seeking to force two Catholic universities to provide employees with insurance coverage for abortion.

Nigerian intelligence officials have said terrorists may carry out suicide bombings disguised in nuns’ habits.

Laurie Goodstein reports from the Dominican Republic on the case against ex-nuncio Archbishop Józef Wesołowski.

John Allen suggests the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors “needs to do something soon to create the impression of momentum“.

Christopher Dickey argues that “we may well see the Leftist saints come marching in” after Romero’s beatification.

And Gunnar Gundersen says we won’t find the real St Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons.

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