Morning Catholic must-reads: 21/08/14

Archbishop Paul Coakley elevates the chalice during Mass (CNS)

American Archbishop Paul Coakley has filed a lawsuit against the organisers of a Black Mass in Oklahoma City (Fr Roger Landry, Damian Thompson).

Cardinal George Pell has appeared before Australia’s royal commission on responses to child abuse via video link from the Vatican.

Damian Thompson says that on curial reform Pope Francis is “far more of a Rottweiler” than Benedict XVI (video).

Daniel Burke, Nichole Flores and Rebecca Hamilton pay tribute to the slain Catholic journalist James Foley.

Fr Robert Barron unveils the new website (video).

Jennifer Gregory Miller marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Pope St Pius X (video, Spectator).

And Fr Matthew Schneider names 12 Catholic accounts you should follow on Instagram.

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