Morning Catholic must-reads: 31/07/14

Secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin sent the message to embassies (CNS)

The Holy See has called for renewed efforts to promote Middle East peace in a message to diplomats.

Embattled Archbishop John Nienstedt of St Paul and Minneapolis has insisted he won’t resign (full text, Grant Gallicho, Rod Dreher).

A resolution praising Francis is reportedly stuck in the US Congress because of perceptions that the Pope is “too liberal”.

Katherine Haddon and Tom Larkin report that the Ebola virus was first identified from a blood sample from a Catholic nun.

Fr Dwight Longenecker argues that Francis believes that “unity with the mainstream Protestant churches is a lost cause“.

Phil Lawler notices an intriguing development at the Vatican Information Service.

And Fr C John McCloskey explains how to inspire people to embrace the Catholic faith.

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The next Morning Catholic must-reads will be on Monday, August 18.


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