Morning Catholic must-reads: 29/07/14

Vatican doctrinal watchdog Cardinal Gerhard Müller (CNS)

Christianity must not be turned into a “new civil religion, politically correct and reduced to a few values tolerated by the rest of society“, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller has said in a new book-length interview.

France has said it will offer asylum to persecuted Iraqi Christians.

Pope Francis urged bishops to resolve disputes by yelling “a few strong words to each other” and then embracing in a “casual Q&A” in Caserta on Saturday.

Pro-life campaigners have appealed to the European Union’s General Court after the European Commission rejected a two-million strong petition against destructive embryo research.

Fr Dwight Longenecker considers why Pope Francis is reaching out to the Evangelical world.

Emma Green investigates why Catholic marriages are in steep decline in America.

And Irene Niravalambana presents Pope Francis’s top 10 tips for happiness.

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