Morning Catholic must-reads: 17/07/14

A Central American migrant practises scaling boxcars in Arriaga, Mexico (AP)

The Archdiocese of Chicago has offered to house child migrants who have entered the United States from Central America en masse.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias has urged Indian Catholics to “remain peaceful” after vandals attacked a 130-year-old crucifix in Mumbai.

The Archdiocese of Vancouver has approved a new policy accommodating transgender pupils in schools (press release, full text).

Fr James Hanvey SJ says the Church of England is “undergoing a profound transformation” that will also affect Catholics.

Adam DeVille urges the Vatican press office to adopt a colour-coding system for papal pronouncements.

Jim de Zoete profiles the missionary who has nurtured one of Kenya’s greatest runners.

And Catholic blogger Thomas Peters documents his remarkable recovery a year after his serious accident.

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