Today’s Catholic must-reads: 16/07/14

Cardinal Vincent Nichols in Westminster Cathedral (Mazur/

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has joined 23 British religious leaders in condemning a Bill to legalise assisted suicide (full text).

Buddhist nationalists will seek to disrupt the Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka in January, a local Catholic group has claimed.

Pope Francis is likely to release his encyclical on the environment early next year, according to Rome Reports.

Mgr Mark Langham says that after the women bishops vote Anglican-Catholic dialogue is about co-existence not unity.

George Weigel urges Cardinal Angelo Sodano to accept that the Vatican Ostpolitik of the 1970s was a failure.

Phil Lawler argues that “the Vatican’s communications strategy cannot be built around the Pope’s whims“.

And Rome Reports discovers what happens after you post a letter to Pope Francis (video).

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