Morning Catholic must-reads: 15/07/14

The Archbishop of Canterbury, second right, arrives for the synod vote (PA)

The Church of England’s decision to ordain women bishops is “a further obstacle on the path” to unity, English Catholic Archbishop Bernard Longley has said.

The massive influx of unaccompanied Central American children to the United States is “a humanitarian emergency“, Pope Francis has said (full text).

Christian leaders have protested against the Sudanese government’s ban on the construction of new churches.

Michelle Boorstein, Laurence England, Terrence McCoy, Josephine McKenna and the Sensible Bond comment on Pope Francis’s latest interview with Eugenio Scalfari.

The Economist and the New York Times take stock of the Vatican’s financial revolution.

Regina Magazine charts the rise of the traditionalist youth movement Juventutem.

And Archbishop Georg Gänswein has revealed that what pleased Benedict XVI most about Germany’s World Cup victory was that some of the team’s stars were fellow Bavarians.


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