Morning Catholic must-reads: 14/07/14

Pope Francis waves as he arrives for yesterday's Angelus (AP)

The Pope called for heartfelt prayers for peace in the Holy Land at yesterday’s Angelus (full video).

Francis has discussed clerical abuse, the mafia and parental responsibility in a new conversation with La Repubblica co-founder Eugenio Scalfari (Fr Lombardi statement, original text).

A Pakistani court has granted bail to the man suspected of assassinating Catholic government minister Shahbaz Bhatti.

Cardinal George Pell says he isn’t seeking to impose “Anglo-Saxon standards” on the Vatican’s finances.

Isabella Burton hails Pope Francis’s “radical environmentalism“.

Brian Stiller of the World Evangelical Alliance describes his three-hour conversation with the “vibrant” Francis.

And a tiny Catholic museum containing a papal snuff box has been named an American city’s best tourist attraction by TripAdvisor (museum website).

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