Today’s Catholic must-reads: 02/07/14

Ernst von Freyberg, president of the Institute for Religious Works (AP)

A Vatican spokesman has defended Ernst von Freyberg amid claims that the Vatican bank president is about to step down.

A southern Italian archbishop has asked the Pope to consider a 10-year moratorium on the naming of godparents in effort to stem mafia influence.

The laicisation of Polish archbishop Józef Wesołowski is a “sign of the seriousness” with which Francis is taking clerical abuse, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi has said.

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City has said he “astonished and grieved” that a local civic centre is planning to host a “Black Mass”.

Zenit publishes a full English translation of the Pope’s interview with Il Messaggero (original text).

J Lester Feder describes the fight over same-sex marriage “in the Pope’s backyard“.

Deacon Greg Kandra wonders why the family synod working document doesn’t mention married priests.

And Fr James Schall SJ urges elite sportsmen to heed the advice of “Captain Francis“.

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