Morning Catholic must-reads: 16/06/14

Sant'Egidio founder Andrea Riccardi greets the Pope yesterday (AP)

Catholics must help a “tired” Europe rediscover its roots, Pope Francis said during a visit to Sant’Egidio community‘s headquarters in Rome yesterday (full video, John Allen).

The Pope announced that he will make a day-long trip to Albania on September 21 at yesterday’s Angelus (full text, video).

A priest injured in an attack that killed another cleric in Phoenix, Arizona, is expected to make a full recovery (profile).

John Allen argues that the best way to end the Pius XII controversy is to canonise the wartime pope.

Andrea Gagliarducci says Francis may have a host of further surprises up his sleeve.

Gil Shefler visits the Spanish village that marks Corpus Christi with a baby-leaping ceremony.

And the Archbishop of Canterbury has predicted that the Church of England cricket team will crush the Vatican XI when they meet in September.

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