Morning Catholic must-reads: 12/06/14

Members of the jihadist group Islamic State (AP)

Islamists have set churches and convents on fire during their latest offensive in Iraq, the Sant’Egidio community has reported.

One priest was killed and another wounded in an attack at a church in Phoenix, Arizona, last night.

The royal commission on child abuse in Australia has asked the Vatican for documents showing how it dealt with clerical abuse.

There are “good reasons” to think the Pope will visit Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families in 2015, Archbishop Charles Chaput has said (full text).

Pope Francis has sent a message welcoming the start of the World Cup in Brazil today (tweet).

Pat Archbold hails a Spanish model who has abandoned her career to become a nun.

And an Italian newspaper has claimed it has discovered Dracula’s tomb in a cloister in Naples.

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