Morning Catholic must-reads: 30/05/14

Francis will signal his support for the Catholic charismatic movement (AP)

Francis will inaugurate a Catholic charismatic renewal convention in Rome’s Olympic Stadium this Sunday (video, details).

An Indonesian archbishop has called for an investigation after Islamists attacked a group of Catholics praying the rosary.

Francis has the moral authority to galvanise a political will to act” on climate change, a US senator has said after a papal audience.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, will meet Pope Francis for the second time at the Vatican on June 16.

The Sistine Chapel Choir has joined the Synodal Choir of Moscow at a concert marking the fifth anniversary of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill‘s election.

Scott Hahn describes how he felt the presence of “St Francis of Assisi, St Clare and the Blessed Virgin Mary” while sitting at his sick son’s bedside.

And Massimo Franco identifies “the real novelty” of Pope Francis.

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