Today’s Catholic must-reads: 28/05/14

Francis meets bishops at the end of the general audience (AP)

Pope Francis urged the faithful to “pray hard for peace” in the Holy Land at his general audience today (full text, short video, full video).

The rise of “nationalistic and xenophobic” parties in Europe is “unacceptable for Christians“, Cardinal Reinhard Marx has said.

South African bishops have donated money to a diocese assisting tens of thousands of people affected by a miners’ strike.

Australia should stop resettling migrants on Manus Island in northern Papua New Guinea, the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office has said (full text).

Yair Rosenberg argues that the Pope and Benjamin Netanyahu’s alleged “spat” over Jesus’s native language was actually “a heartening sign of interfaith progress“.

Simcha Fisher explains why Francis kisses hands.

And the Pope surprised friars when he unexpectedly turned up for lunch at a Franciscan monastery in Jerusalem on Monday.

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