Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/05/14

Archbishop Tomasi shakes hands with Claudio Grossmann, chairman of the UN Committee against Torture during a hearing in Geneva on May 5 (AP)

The UN Committee against Torture’s report on the Holy See is “more technical and professional” than the last UN report, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi has said ahead of its publication today.

Same-sex couples need “legal support from society“, Bishop Leonardo Steiner, secretary general of the Brazilian bishops’ conference, has said.

Pope Francis was reportedly “not pleased” when he recently learned that a Vatican office hosted a €18,000 (£15,000, $25,000) banquet marking the papal canonisations.

John Allen, Daniel Burke, Anshel Pfeffer and Paul Vallely preview tomorrow’s papal visit to the Holy Land.

Edward Pentin says doctors are alarmed by Pope Francis’s “repeated fatigue reports“.

Dominic Selwood explains why “England went from being one of Europe’s most Catholic countries to one of its most anti-Catholic“.

And Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has praised Austrian Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst.

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