Morning Catholic must-reads: 16/05/14

A poster in Bethlehem promotes the papal visit (AP)

A rabbi and an Islamic leader will join Pope Francis on his visit to the Holy Land next week, the Vatican has confirmed (video).

Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai will also accompany Pope Francis on his visit despite an outcry in Lebanon.

The Vatican has dampened expectations that there will be a “major announcement” about Archbishop Romero’s Cause on Sunday.

The suffering of forced migrants should “make us weep and feel ashamed”, Pope Francis told seven new ambassadors to the Holy See yesterday (full text).

The Economist argues that “Francis’s papacy will be judged” by how well he handles the “running sore” of clerical abuse.

Samuel Gregg goes in search of “the real Walter Kasper“.

And a quirky new animation tells the life story of St John Paul II in less than five minutes (video).

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