Morning Catholic must-reads: 05/05/14

Pope Francis blesses a baby as he leaves St Stanislaus church (AP)

Jesus “is the Risen Traveller that journeys with us“, Pope Francis said as he visited the parish of St Stanislaus in Rome on Sunday (full text).

The Pope invited pilgrims at yesterday’s Regina Caeli “to entrust to Our Lady the situation in Ukraine” (video).

Nowadays man finds himself to be a technical giant and an ethical child,” Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga has said during a Vatican environment summit (full text).

This month’s papal pilgrimage to the Holy Land will be preceded by nine days of prayer (visit anthem).

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi says the Holy See “can take a few knocks, especially for the sake of people’s welfare“, ahead of today’s appearance before the UN Committee against Torture in Geneva (video).

Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard says that not being made a cardinal at the last consistory “does not keep me awake at night“.

And the Pope’s English twitter account has now passed four million followers (report in Italian).

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