Morning Catholic must-reads: 29/04/14

The Pope greets Cardinal Bertone at his farewell ceremony in October (CNS)

Pope Francis has reportedly called Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to “express his solidarity and his disappointment” at media criticism of the former Vatican secretary of state’s new apartment.

The Council of Cardinals began its fourth meeting at the Vatican yesterday.

The cardinals overseeing Vatican bank reform met yesterday to develop “guidelines for action“.

Adam DeVille says St John XXIII and St John Paul II could be “patron saints of Christian unity“.

Pat Archbold calls for an end to fast-tracked canonisations.

Michelle Boorstein says the “unassuming and reserved” Cardinal Donald Wuerl is a “power player” under Francis.

And a gelateria in Rome is celebrating Sunday’s canonisations with a new “pope saints” ice cream (video).


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