Today’s Catholic must reads: 23/04/14

Pope Francis greets the crowd before his general audience (AP)

We shouldn’t place our hope in “dead things” like money, Pope Francis said at this morning’s general audience.

The Pope also urged Italian factory owners preparing to lay off workers to be “creative and generous” (video).

Italian media are reporting a claim that Pope Francis encouraged a remarried Catholic to receive Holy Communion.

Brett Decker, Maureen Dowd, Susan Jacoby, Gregory Popcak, Charles Reid and George Weigel comment on Sunday’s double papal canonisation.

Mgr Charles Pope explains why the Archdiocese of Washington welcomed a record number of converts this year.

Andrea Gagliarducci profiles the Coptic priest who is Francis’s new personal secretary (video).

And Emma Green discovers how a small American Jesuit publishing house is attempting “to build a brand for the Bishop of Rome”.

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