Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/04/14

Pope Francis waves during his Regina Caeli address yesterday (AP)

We should let the joy of Easter “radiate through our thoughts, looks, attitude, gestures and words“, Pope Francis said at the Regina Caeli yesterday.

Some cardinals have said openly that they “made a mistake” in electing Francis, papal adviser Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga has claimed.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster has accused politicians of debating immigration in an “alarmist” manner.

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto has criticised a Catholic teachers’ union for sending a delegation to a gay pride rally.

Marie Meaney says that a portrait of Chiara Corbella, who died in 2012, may one day “hang from the balcony of St Peter’s“.

Nina Strochlic asks whether Our Lady appeared in the Rwandan village of Kibeho, warning of impending genocide.

And the musical Karol Wojtyla: the True Story, about the life of John Paul II, is a hit in Rome (video).

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