Today’s Catholic must-reads: 02/04/14

Francis arrives for this morning's general audience (AP)

You don’t need to call the United Nations to your home to make peace,” Francis said in a reflection on marriage at this morning’s general audience (full text, video).

The Pope’s visit to the Holy Land is “definitely going ahead” even if a strike by Israel diplomats is unresolved, reports Vatican Insider.

Muslim youths have reportedly burned down a Catholic church in northern Nigeria.

US President Barack Obama has given House minority leader Nancy Pelosi a rosary blessed by Pope Francis.

Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski calls for “a pathway of integration” for those with autism spectrum disorders.

Randall Smith argues that the Church is in dire need of more canon lawyers.

And country music star Collin Raye is preparing to tell the story of his conversion to Catholicism in a new memoir (video).

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