Morning Catholic must-reads: 31/03/14

Pope Francis delivers his Angelus address yesterday (AP)

We must recognise and overcome our “moments of interior blindness“, Pope Francis said at yesterday’s Angelus (full text, video).

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi may take legal action against the Vatican bank over his ousting as its president in 2012 after a Rome court cleared him of wrongdoing (lawyers’ statement).

Cardinal Seán O’Malley will concelebrate Mass on the Mexico-United States border tomorrow.

Franciscan friars are raising money on Kickstarter to restore a cell used by St Francis.

Postulator Aude Dugast says that Jérôme Lejeune followed his conscience just as St Thomas More did.

Mgr Daniel Gallagher explains how he composes the Pontiff’s Latin tweets (@Pontifex_ln).

And Rome Reports discovers how dogs attend the Pope’s general audience (video).

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