Morning Catholic must-reads: 03/02/14

Balloons frame Pope Francis at yesterday's Angelus (AP)

Every consecrated person is a gift for the People of God,” Pope Francis said at the Angelus yesterday (full text, full video).

The elderly should share their wisdom and not “keep it in a museum”, the Pope said at a Mass marking the World Day for Consecrated Life on Sunday (full text, full video).

Pope Francis urged members of the Neocatechumenal Way to take “the utmost care to build and to preserve” communion with the local Church in an address on Saturday (full text, full video).

Hunger is “turning people insane”, a Dutch Jesuit priest in the Syrian city of Homs has said.

A large group of grandparents will meet Pope Francis in September, Vatican Archbishop Rino Fisichella has announced.

Tim Padgett says the appointment of Haiti’s first cardinal is full of “reformist symbolism”.

And Carolyn Thompson reports on the “Mass mobs” boosting attendance at some of New York state’s most sparsely attended churches.

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