Today’s Catholic must-reads: 04/12/13

Francis at this morning's general audience in St Peter's Square (AP)

The “seed of eternity is planted within us” at baptism, Francis said at his general audience today (short video, full video).

The Pope also called for prayers for the Orthodox nuns kidnapped in Syria on Monday.

The Turin Shroud will be displayed in public in 2015 to mark the bicentenary of St John Bosco’s birth, Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin has announced.

The Holy See has said it’s unable to provide the United Nations with information it has requested on clerical abuse (PDF of response).

Francis X Clooney SJ argues that Francis is struggling to find his own voice in important parts of Evangelii Gaudium.

Hans Küng says Vatican observers are concerned that “Pope Emeritus Ratzinger is in fact operating as a kind of ‘shadow Pope’“.

And Cindy Wooden says it’s beginning to feel like Christmas in St Peter’s Square.

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