Morning Catholic must-reads: 20/09/13

Pope Francis (AP)

Pope Francis’s big interview with Fr Antonio Spadaro has inspired commentary from John Allen, Matthew Archbold, Andrew Brown, Brett Decker, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, William Donohue, Greg Erlandson, Joe Heschmeyer, Damon Linker, Fr Dwight Longenecker, Martin Longman, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Fr James Martin, Michael O’Loughlin, Cristina Odone, Carl Olson, Rocco Palmo, Mark Shea, Tim Stanley, Emily Shire, Andrew Sullivan, Jeffrey Tucker, George Weigel and Fr John Zuhlsdorf.

The Holy Father urged new bishops yesterday to remain in their dioceses and not become “airport bishops” (video).

The Vatican has released the schedule for the Pope’s visit to Sardinia on Sunday.

Historian Eamon Duffy examines the record of wartime pope Pius XII (registration required).

Elizabeth Scalia wonders if the world is making an idol of Pope Francis.

Damian Thompson and Cristina Odone discuss whether the Pope can reform the Church (audio).

And Carly Andrews describes a remarkable night of prayer in London’s red light district.

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