Morning Catholic must-reads: 18/06/13

The Pope speaks to participants in the Rome pastoral convention (AP)

Catholics must “go out to reach the flesh of the Lord who suffers“, Pope Francis told participants in a Rome diocese convention yesterday (full video).

The Pope has decreed that the name of St Joseph should be added to Eucharistic Prayers II, III and IV in the third edition of the Roman Missal (decree).

Nicolás Maduro, Hugo Chávez’s successor as president of Venezuela, met the Holy Father yesterday (video).

A man shot in the back of the head at Mass in Utah on Sunday is likely to survive, reports AP.

Alessandro Speciale, Eric Lyman, Andres Oppenheimer, and John Allen reflect on Pope Francis’s impact as he approaches the milestone of his first 100 days on Thursday.

Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP argues that there is less discontinuity between Francis and Benedict XVI “than the press would have us believe”.

And Cardinal George Pell observes that one in three regularly worshipping young Catholics in Australia believes in reincarnation.

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