Morning Catholic must-reads: 17/06/13

Pope Francis arrives for yesterday's Mass (AP)

The Gospel of Life is opposed to ideologies “dictated by selfishness, self-interest, profit, power and pleasure”, Pope Francis said at a Mass marking Evangelium Vitae Day yesterday (full text, short video, full video, Angelus text).

The Vatican announced the appointment of Mgr Battista Mario Salvatore Ricca as Prelate of the Institute for Religious Works, or Vatican bank, on Saturday.

Barack Obama has nominated Ken Hackett, the recently retired president of Catholic Relief Services, as the next US ambassador to the Holy See.

The Pope urged French parliamentarians to create laws that have “a soul” and don’t simply reflect the “ideas of the moment” when he met them on Saturday (full text, video).

Andrea Gagliarducci says that Vatican insiders were shocked by a less well-publicised admission in the Pope’s leaked “gay lobby” talk.

Damian Thompson says the Pope has a habit of tweaking “your conscience so hard that you wince in pain”.

And hundreds of Harley-Davidson riders attended the papal Mass in St Peter’s Square yesterday (video).

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