Morning Catholic must-reads: 19/03/13

Pope Francis meets Argentine President Cristina Kirchner (CNS)

Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner and Pope Francis had a strikingly cordial meeting at the Vatican yesterday (video).

Pope Francis is unlikely to have read the confidential report on the VatiLeaks scandal yet, a Vatican spokesman said yesterday.

Rocco Palmo says the new Pope’s coat of arms reflects “the simplicity for which the 266th bishop of Rome has already become rather renowned”.

Christianity Today explores why Argentinian Evangelicals admire Pope Francis.

Aleteia publishes an extract on priestly celibacy from Pope Francis’s book, Sobre el Cielo y la Tierra (“On the Heavens and the Earth”).

Sherry Weddell offers advice to Catholics suffering from “Post-Conclave Stress Disorder“.

And Eva Vergara notes that, although Pope Francis was given an iPad on Saturday, he still prefers to write on a typewriter.

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