Today’s Catholic must-reads: 14/02/13

Benedict XVI greets Roman clergy this morning (AP)

Benedict XVI gave a 45-minute off-the-cuff reflection on Vatican II before Rome’s clergy this morning (video).

Pope Benedict suffered a previously undisclosed minor head injury during his visit to Mexico, the Italian media have reported.

Melanie McDonagh, Charles Camosy, Piers Paul Read, Benjamin Dueholm, James Preece, Michael Sean Winters, Sayeeda Warsi, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jeremy Lott and Jeffrey Tucker reflect on Benedict XVI’s legacy.

Ross Douthat, Kevin White, Fr Joseph Komonchak, Garry Wills, Fr George Rutler, Andrew Sullivan, Dylan Parry and Andreas Widmer consider the consequences of the first papal abdication for almost 600 years.

David Gibson, Stan Chu Ilo, Stephen Prothero, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Ellie Hall, Charles Pierce, Alexander Stille, Freddy Gray and Fr Dwight Longenecker profile the men who may succeed Pope Benedict.

And the New Yorker offers a visual reminder that popes come in all shapes and sizes.

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