Today’s Catholic must-reads: 16/01/13

Pope Benedict XVI conducting one of his weekly general audiences (AP)

Even atheists “desire to know the face of God“, Benedict XVI said at his general audience this morning (full text, video).

After the general audience, the Pope greeted the outgoing US Defence Secretary and former CIA director Leon Panetta (video).

Vatican Archbishop Dominique Mamberti has said that “freedom of consciences must be respected” following yesterday’s European Court of Human Rights ruling on religious discrimination.

The Pope has named American Archbishop Joseph Marino as apostolic nuncio to Malaysia and East Timor and apostolic delegate to Brunei.

A prison in eastern Poland is teaching inmates how to create icons (video).

Archbishop Georg Gänswein tells Italian Vanity Fair why he aspires to be like glass.

And Abram Muenzberg names five things you probably get wrong when you go to Mass.

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