Morning Catholic must-reads: 26/10/12

Cardinal Raymond Burke pictured in the chapel of his Vatican residence (CNS)

An “attitude of indifference toward Church discipline, if not even hostility” followed Vatican II, Cardinal Raymond Burke has said in a submission to the synod of bishops on the new evangelisation.

The Irish priest and broadcaster Fr Brian D’Arcy has said he considered leaving the priesthood after he was censured by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

L’Osservatore Romano has praised Bernardo Bertolucci 40 years after it denounced the Italian director’s film Last Tango in Paris.

Art is “capable of leading the mind and heart to the Lord“, Pope Benedict said last night following a screening of a Polish film, Art and Faith, in the Paul VI Audience Hall.

Thomas Doran urges Catholics not to “cede art in the public square to atheists and nihilists“.

Fr Stephen Wang says that the 40 Days for Life initiative is having a miraculous effect on “so many of those who work in the abortion clinics”.

And Vincent Miller wonders why Catholic vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan is so fond of Ayn Rand.

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