Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/10/12

A Free Syrian Army fighter walks down a street in Aleppo (AP)

The Holy See’s peace mission to Syria will take place “as soon as possible” but could be delayed by fighting, a Vatican spokesman said yesterday.

Vatican II “shows a discontinuity with past thinking and practices”, Cardinal Godfried Danneels has said at a lecture in London marking the 50th anniversary of the Council’s opening (full text, photos).

Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of Ecuadorean Bishop Luis Antonio Sanchez Armijos yesterday reportedly for health reasons under Canon 401:2 of the Code of Canon Law.

Clinical psychologist Fr Jose Parappully says the Indian bishops’ new norms on the handling of clerical abuse allegations are extremely disappointing.

Jeremy Lott wonders if Mitt Romney harbours a dislike for Catholic clergy following a car crash in France in 1968.

Fr Ray Blake explains why he can’t get too excited about the return of the papal fanon.

And the monks of Norcia in Italy invite you on a video tour of their newly opened brewery.

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