Morning Catholic must-reads: 02/10/12

Cardinal Velasio de Paolis is a member of the Vatican's supreme court (CNS)

Vatican Cardinal Velasio De Paolis has said that Benedict XVI is likely to pardon papal butler Paolo Gabriele if he is found guilty of the aggravated theft of confidential documents.

The Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE) has deplored growing restrictions on religious freedom in Europe at its annual plenary meeting in St Gallen, Switzerland.

The Smithsonian Channel has delayed the broadcast of a documentary about a papyrus fragment referring to the “wife” of Jesus because of doubts about its authenticity.

American Bishop Robert Vasa has told doctors they “can no longer presume that their individual choices about how they practice medicine in this country will be respected“.

Brandon Vogt names his choice as “the greatest Catholic evangelist of the 20th century“.

William Crawley explores the life of Georges Lemaître, priest and pioneer of the Big Bang theory (audio).

And Erica Orden looks forward to a new wave of Hollywood biblical blockbusters.